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Bosch Muscle Release Technique


Bosch Muscle Release Technique:

Rafael Bosch began his professional career on 1992, and since 2000 he has been dedicated to doing research. He has developed his own unique technique that he performs using his hands and needles, although the latter has nothing to do with acupuncture.

The “Bosch Technique” is scientifically based and consists mainly of releasing the musculature.
This treatment is recommended for people with cerebral palsy, syndromes from unknown causes, muscle tension, neck pain, migraines, dizziness, herniated discs, back pain and accident trauma.
It is very effective for patients with fibromyalgia, where many cases have been completely cured after treatment.

Rafael Bosch Ruiz, after more than 32 years of observations, investigations and thousands of sessions made with patients with chronic fatigue, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, has drawn the conclusion that these patients will never recover from their conditions using the conventional treatments of the current medicine. These ones are merely symptomatic, because they are not focused on the origin of the pathology at all.

This conclusion Rafael Bosch has come to, agrees with some scientist publications of Harvard University, who focus a large part of their research, the same as Rafael, on patients with this type of diseases.

It has been possible to prove that with Rafael Bosch technique up to 80% of these patients can recover completely.